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This perfect blend of rich, full-bodied, natural spices gives our "Nitro Rub" it's distinct flavor.This special rub is for all meats.

Try it on Meat,Fish,Poultry
and anything you want to
add that little extra kick too

It's the ultimate gift for
someone who loves to
grill but more important it's the
ultimate gift for someone who loves to eat!


To Order Your Own "Nitro Rub"

E-Mail or Phone Mike Patterson

Click To Email Mike (diggerdad@juno.com)
Phone: 775 463 5528

Make sure to specify which size
you would like to order..

Nitro Rub Comes in Two Sizes.

7 oz bottle $10.00 plus shipping

2 lbs bottle $30.00 plus shipping

Ask about our case discounts !!
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